Dear Dancers, Parents, Teachers and Directors:

After today’s announcement from our President recommending there be no gatherings unless they are less than 10, it is evident that we cannot hold an event of any kind at this moment. Therefore, Empowered Dance Competition is cancelled. As you may be aware, we have worked diligently to try to make our event happen in some form. At this point we do not know if we can reschedule at a later date or cancel altogether. Our policy is NO REFUNDS. However, with these special circumstances, we are making the decision to send you a portion of your registration fee. If we can run another event, we will offer you a discount code at that time. We are aware that everyone has their own opinion of what to do in these difficult times, but we feel this is best to keep you and your dancers safe. If possible, your refund will come through your form of payment. Otherwise, you will receive a check from Allred Events.

Our thoughts are with you and your dance families.

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